Types of Office Chairs

The distinct features of an office chair are its height, all its variable features and whether it has wheels. These are the features that make and an office chair, and they all serve a certain purpose.

When you are looking to buy an office chair, you will be overwhelmed with the range of products that are available. It is important that you choose the right chair for your situation. So let’s take a look at the different type of chairs, and who they suit.


Different Type Of Chairs

Cafeteria ChairCafeteria Chair

Every workplace will have a canteen or cafeteria, along with some chairs to enjoy a meal. Cafeteria chairs are quite simple and compact, they provide suitable comfort for the relatively short duration they will be used. In terms of design they can vary widely, for example they could be bar like stools that have no back support, or they could have a groove to support your lower back and allow a natural sitting position.

The key is they are quite cost efficient and simple, compact chairs, easily accessible and usually quite light in weight.

cometro-chair-POS713Cometro Chair

Cometro chairs have 4 main aspects; back support, comfort, wheels and arm rests. Cometro chairs can vary slightly and come in different colours, some even have a different style of back support. The majority of chairs have wheels, a variable arm rest, and adjustable height. They are suitable for working at home.

Director Chair PM-155Director Chair

Director chairs are similar to cometro chairs, they have wheels, adjustable height and armrests. However, director chairs provide a lot more comfort, they are made from a higher quality material. A number of director chairs even provide head support, so you can fully relax in your chair. Spending a long period of time sitting in a chair can cause a back pain or perhaps neck ache. When looking for a director chair you can be assured that this won’t be the case as they are designed to fit your posture and provide comfort whilst you work.


Executive Chair pos771Executive Chair

Executive chairs have the ability to move and swivel, as they have wheels attached to their base. They have a lower backrest compared to director chairs, but provide equal comfort, thanks to the extra padding on the base of the seat. The armrests are in a much more natural position, and also have padding on them to provide comfort. Of course, you can also adjust the back support to find the perfect angle for your posture. The name of this chair gives it away, as these chairs are most popular amongst executives.


Mesh Chair-POS881Mesh Chair

What makes mesh chairs different is the material they are made from, the net-like fabric of fabric creates air circulation, to avoid you getting hot and sweaty. A combination of this fabric and the cushion of the seats, allows you to work for hours upon hours, whilst keeping cool. It comes as no surprise that mesh chairs are most comfortable due to the ventilation they provide that you don’t get with other chairs. They are perfect for home use, as well as your office.

Student Chair POS872Student Chair

Student chairs can vary in design, but they all have the same purpose of providing suitable comfort during prolonged use. They haven’t been made for hours upon hours, but working a little longer than usual. Students will be satisfied with this chair as they are perfect for work stations, they aren’t adjustable and can’t manoeuvre about the room, although a student shouldn’t need those features anyway.

Visitor Chair pos719Visitor Chair

Visitor chairs are for people who need to sit for a relatively short period of time, whilst they wait on a co-worker or employer etc. These chairs aren’t designed for work stations, they don’t provide variable features or wheels, and they are not meant for long periods of sitting. They are normally quite trendy chairs and come in a range of different vibrant colours and designs.

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