Student Chairs

Comfort is vitally important for everyone who wants to work to the best of their ability, and students are no different. Whether its school, college or university students they all have a lot of work to do and quite a bit of pressure on them. The last thing students need is an uncomfortable chair irritating them whilst they try to concentrate.


Student chairs come in a range of various styles and designs at great prices. A common feature amongst the chairs are that they are relatively easy to assemble and compliment the room well.  But that isn’t all, have a look at the main features of a student chair:

  • Seating – The actual seat part of the chair can be hard, soft or somewhere in between. Chairs that are too hard are simply uncomfortable, they don’t compliment the body well and are quite annoying. A chair that is soft provides comfort for a prolong period of time, but it is very rare that you student chairs are very soft, it’s a school not a spa. So it is more realistic to look for something in between, a chair that is neither too hard nor too soft. This is more practical in terms of cost. Chair seating is typically made of either plastic, wood or a cushioned material. Wood and plastic are obviously on the harder side, but these are typically used in science classes where you may be on your feet during class time. The design of these chairs can often make up for the material. A chair with a cushioning material for its seat and possibly even back rest will obviously be softer and more comfortable, and could be used in classes like ICT or language classes where you may sit for a long period of time.
  • Armrests – Many student chairs will come with armrests which will be accompanied by mini desks. These armrests can help students relax a little more and take some stress from their arms if they have been writing for quite some time. Chairs with armrests are most commonly found in universities where there are a large number of students in the one room with a lecturer at the front. Students can rest their elbows and right at the same time, as opposed to perhaps resting on a table. In a school students may have a table and a chair without armrests, this can cause them to lean over to work.

Chairs for different students


School students typically have tables to work on, as previously mentioned. They may have higher chairs made from plastic or wood to work on, as they may be interactive throughout the class and not have to sit down for a long period of time. Although their chairs are not as comfortable as other student chairs, they are more active throughout the lessons, and entire school days. They may not require these higher quality chairs.

College / Universities

College and universities typically have higher quality chairs, with a softer material, arm rests, and even a mini disk. When university students attend their lecturers they may be idle for the entire time, for that reason they require a comfortable material for this period. As for the armrests they protect the elbows and prevent any back stress, from a poor seating position.

Student chairs are for students. They are typically at an affordable price in a large quantity, easily stacked and assembled. Whilst comfort may not be their number one feature, they are suitable for all students. They are a various different range for younger and older students. The older students will usually require a more premium chair, whilst the young can settle for a cheaper wooden or plastic chair to complete their work in.